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We are based in the lovely town of Harrogate and our commitment is to deliver what we advertise through hard work and best prices. We combine this with a secure browsing platform which is secured by an SSL Certificate as well as one of the most secure payment gateways in the UK - Sagepay.  We also have the ultimate privilege of being a Google Certified Shop only offered to a few who meet very strict criteria. Google commit to the following statement:

Shop knowing that you’ll receive reliable dispatch, excellent customer service and free purchase protection with Google Certified Shops.

We strongly feel that it's important you know a bit about us including taking a look at our reviews which are almost all five star!  Some internet companies sell cheap unbranded mattresses or offer mattresses for Midsleepers, Cabin Beds, Highsleepers and Bunk Beds with loose statements that the mattress depth should not exceed 6/7 inches!  As a responsible retailer, we sell branded mattresses such as those from Breasley with a five year guarantee, or sell mattresses with products that adhere to the ever changing safety regulations.  We do hope you purchase from Room4kids but remember don’t purchase an unbranded mattress and do ensure any mattress does not exceed the exact depth as per the ever changing safety regulations/safety line of a product!    

Please have total confidence in our company and base your purchasing decision on past reviews and a retailer being a Google Certified Shop.  Many new customers come to us through personal recommendation and from manufacturers themselves.  Ask Julian Bowen Ltd for example what they think of Rooms4kids – 01623 727374?   

Finally, we answer e-mails 7 days a week, day and night!  How many companies can say that?

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