Tidy Books Box White Finish

Price: £68.99

An ingenious portable handmade box for storing children's books, magazines and comics.

The Tidy Box is cleverly designed to store the books with the covers facing out, so that children can choose the books themselves. The Tidy Box can hold up to 40 books or magazines of different sizes in the four compartments.

The Tidy Box also comes with a play clock at one end, which is great for helping children learn to tell the time. When the child has outgrown the play clock it can be removed to leave a stylish book and magazine rack that is ideal for an older child, teenager, or even an adult.

The clean and simple design means that the Tidy Box will look good in any style of home. The cut-out carry handle makes the box easy to move from one room to another, and also makes it ideal for transporting books in the car when going on holiday or to visit family.

The ideal storage solution for bedtime story books, or for use in a living room, kitchen or playroom. No more need for piles of books on the floor! And why not use one compartment for storing library books, so that they are easy to find?

This Tidy Box is in a white finish, and has a pale blue clock with red numbers and green hands.

Handmade from wood from sustainable sources.

Dimensions: H34 x W54 x D28cm.

Manufactured by Tidy Books.

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