Pirate Shack and Inclusive Floor Quilt

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Pirate Shack and Inclusive Floor Quilt

Raise the anchor and ready the men...! Embroidered and appliqued with a compass, friendly parrot and a chest of bejewelled treasure, our Pirate Shack sets the scene for your little Pirates to embark on a swashbuckling adventure!

100% cotton. Easy to assemble with a light metal frame. Storage bag included. Available in two sizes:-

  - Small 110cm long x 74cm wide x 110cm high

  - Large 134cm long x 110cm wide x 165cm high

Pirate Shack Floor Quilt - Inclusive

Our giant 'Treasure Map' Floor Quilt is appliqued and embroidered with islands, a sunken ship and an 'X' marking the spot for buried treasure!

These lightly padded floor quilts are designed to fit the base of the Pirate Shack Playhouses ... they also make great rugs or play mats.

Machine washable. Available in 2 sizes:-

  - Small 110cm x 74cm

  - Large 134cm x 110cm

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